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RICHMOND, Va. — Speaking before Virginia lawmakers Monday morning, Delegate Atoosa Reaser, (D-Loundon County) spoke in support of legislation that would further enhance Adam’s Law, named after VCU freshman Adam Oakes.

Oakes died in February 2021 from alcohol poisoning after a hazing incident while pledging to the Delta Chi fraternity.

Adam’s Law requires colleges and universities to provide hazing prevention training and education to students, but now Reaser hopes to expand that education to include a planned curriculum for high school students.

“I think high school is a good time to work on preventative behavior,” Reaser says. “If we can educate our students before they are in a situation where they may be facing pressure to drink to join a fraternity or for organizations at the collegiate level. We also know that they do face forms of hazing, even in the high school years.”

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