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We’re back with the Reaser Report! Now that the 2024 legislative session has adjourned, this newsletter will provide monthly updates, delivered straight to your inbox! Let me start by wishing all who celebrate (and all who don’t!) many blessings during this special time of spiritual renewal!

Legislative Updates

Since the General Assembly has adjourned Sine Die, the Governor has been reviewing and considering bills. I am happy to announce that some measures I supported, such as bills dealing with marriage equality, literacy measures, and environmental priorities, were signed into law. Having the majority means we can do good work as a group and individually. Several of my own bills have also been signed into law:

HB383 – Realtor Education (Realtor Requested!)
HB719 – Hazing Education (Constituent Requested!)
HB281 – Child Daycare in Office Buildings (Chamber of Commerce Requested!)
HB105 – HOA and Condos in the Resale Disclosure Act (Constituent Requested!)

On the other hand, the Governor has vetoed legislation that would have made the Commonwealth safer, increased police recruitment, and considered the mental abilities of an individual with autism, intellectual disabilities, or dementia in cases involving altercations with a law enforcement officer. 

As a reminder, the Governor has a few different ways to take action (or inaction) on bills in front of him:

1) sign the bill into law;
2) amend the bill and return it to the General Assembly for approval;
3) veto the bill and return it to the General Assembly, where the House of Delegates and the Senate may override the veto by a two-thirds vote of both houses or,
4) take no action, and the bill becomes law without the Governor’s signature.

The Governor has until April 8th to take action. On April 17th, we will be back in Richmond for a reconvened session to consider the Governor’s proposed amendments and his vetoes.

Bills that pass are sent to the House Clerk, Mr. Paul Nardo, the Keeper of the Rolls for the Commonwealth. They are assigned a Chapter number, compiled, and bound as the Acts of Assembly.

There’s No Place Like Home

Get ready to see a lot more of me in HD-27! I’m so excited to return to the district after my time in Richmond to see what exciting events are happening and meet the amazing people of Loudoun. 

My first week back I joined the Dulles Area Democrats for their Breakfast at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon and spoke with business leaders at the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce. I’ve also been able to take a tour of Falcons Landing, join other legislators at the Road From Richmond event to discuss our work from this legislative session and attend Senator Mark Warner’s event addressing mental health issues in adults in Loudoun. 

This is just the beginning! My Chief of Staff, Caleigh Lynch, can be reached to schedule meetings or events you would like me to attend.

Dulles Area Democrats Breakfast

Recapping my first session and large legislative wins!
Joined by a special guest, former Delegate Ken Plum! 
Speaking directly with constituents!

Loudoun Chamber of Commerce Policy Maker Event

Touring Falcons Landing

Chatting with Falcons Landing CEO, Gary Handley.
Taking a tour of the facilities! 

LCDC Road from Richmond

It was an awesome sold-out event!
Hearing directly constituents. 

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Roundtable

Thank you, Senator Mark Warner and Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, for federal funding for a Crisis Receiving and Stabilizing Center in Loudoun. 
Meeting Dr. Anthony Crowley, Medical Director of Loudoun Medical Group.

Keep the Momentum Going!

During the legislative session, legislators are prohibited from accepting political donations. As the session is now over, I would kindly ask you to support my team. Your donations are essential to maintaining communication with constituents, organizing community events, paying staff, and keeping our operations running.

Every donation counts, no matter how small. You can make a one-time contribution or set up a recurring donation, which will help us maintain consistency throughout the year.

ICYMI In the News

Court-appointed attorneys could see a major pay cap raise.
Loudoun Legislators Talk Data Centers, Education Funding, Housing
Virginia Hazing Education Bill Passes on Third Remembrance of Freshman’s Death

How My Office Can Help You

Navigating state agencies can be confusing and difficult at times. As your delegate, I can help you communicate with state agencies such as the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), Departments of Taxation, Social Services, Transportation, and more! I can also submit inquiries with those agencies on your behalf and help you engage with the state agency you need. There are limits to what I can do, however. For example, I am unable to expedite cases or force state agencies to favor your inquiry, provide legal advice or recommend a specific attorney, intervene with judicial issues, overturn decisions, or be involved with matters involving private businesses.

Whether you want to bring an issue to my attention, need my office’s assistance, or want to invite me to a community event, please reach out! If there is any way I can assist you, please let me know here:

As always, I am grateful for your ongoing support!

Yours in Service, 

Atoosa Reaser (she/her)
Virginia House of Delegates 
District 27 (Eastern Loudoun)
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