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The first day of the session began with the freshman Delegate-Elects swearing-in on the House of Delegates floor. I am incredibly honored and proud to be the first Iranian American to be elected to this body.

Taking the Oath of Office 
Congratulations to Don Scott, the newly elected and first-ever Black Speaker of the House of Delegates.

Legislative Updates

This year, the Virginia session is only 60 days long, so hitting the ground running is crucial. Bills have already been introduced, committee assignments have been given, and my schedule is full of meetings.

I’m honored to serve on Committees for Courts of Justice, Education, Counties, Cities, Towns, and several subcommittees. I’m thrilled to represent and advocate for you in the General Assembly this session. My team and I have been working hard on our bills, considering our constituents’ concerns and priorities, and striving to make a difference in Richmond.

As of now, the bills that I will be patroning this year are:

HB102– Court-appointed counsel raises the limitation of fees

This legislation addresses the low payments that court-appointed attorneys receive when defending a case. Our court-appointed attorneys are working to protect individuals’ constitutional right to counsel, and this bill will allow the first pay increase in over 20 years!

HB105– Resale Disclosure Act; resale certificate, fees.

A commonsense language fix within the Resale Disclosure Act. This bill was brought to me by a constituent whom this would directly impact. 

HB281– Child day programs; use of office buildings; waiver of zoning requirements.

This bill allows office buildings to include childcare spaces. This helps working families and creates more mixed-use spaces. 

HB383–  Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation; real estate board; continuing education.

This will strengthen realtor’s training requirements to assist buyers better.

HB392– Virginia Petroleum Products Franchise Act; agreements between jobber/distributors and dealers.

Another consitunet brought this bill to my attention over the summer as it directly relates to their business and industry. As I continued to look into it, it impacts many businesses around the Commonwealth! 

HB645– Parking spaces reserved for charging electric vehicles; signs.

HB645 helps clear up busy EV parking signs that can be difficult to read and understand. 

HB719– Public high schools; research-based hazing prevention instruction.

This bill aims to expand hazing education to high school students. I am honored to collaborate on this legislation with the Love Like Adam Foundation and Senator Jennifer B. Boysko, who is working on the Senate version of this bill.

HB 1028 Affordable housing; assisted living facilities.

H.B 1028 is a bill that allows localities that have adopted an affordable housing program to require that affordable rental units be included in any proposed licensed assisted living facility. This will help make housing more accessible for individuals.

HB 1307 State Council of Higher Education for Virginia; survey; baccalaureate public institutions.

H.B. 1307 is a bill that is asking our Virginia public universities to review the application fees they charge students. This is a step towards making higher education more accessible for our students

Conversations in the GAB

When I am not in committee meetings and voting on the floor, I love to meet with my constituents and groups that visit our office in Richmond. This week was particularly great because I got to catch up with some familiar faces at the General Assembly Building (GAB). Not to mention, I had a lovely visit from Moms Demand Action and even my family came by the gallery to watch the first Session in action!

ICYMI In the News

I am working with other leaders to address the need for prescription drug affordability oversight. I will introduce a bill to promote transparency for Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the upcoming week. You can read about it here: Bipartisan effort tries again on Prescription Drug Affordability Board

Our elected officials in Loudoun County are working hard for you in Richmond; you can read about our legislative agendas here: Loudoun’s State Representatives Roll Out Legislative Priorities as Session Opens

Need Assistance?

We have added a constituent form to my website! If there is any way that I can assist you, please fill out the form on my website here:

You can share your stories and concerns with me so that I can better serve you as your Delegate or help you get connected with state agencies for assistance. 

Connect with my office!

The best way to contact my team and me while we’re in Richmond for the legislative session, which runs from January 10th with a tentative sine die on March 9th,

You’re welcome to witness your elected government in action by visiting my office in the newly inaugurated General Assembly Building!

General Assembly Building
201 North 9th Street,
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Office 1016

If you wish to schedule a meeting or discuss a specific topic during this period, please contact my Chief of Staff, Caleigh Lynch, at We’ll make arrangements to accommodate you on our office calendar!

Expect these newsletters in your inbox weekly. You can also stay connected by following me on social media for real-time updates as well! 

I appreciate your continued support and am honored to represent you in Richmond. 

Yours in Service, 

Atoosa Reaser
Delegate, HD-27