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February 23, 2024


STERLING, VA– Following the passage of the budget from The Virginia House of Delegates Appropriations Committee, Delegate Atoosa Reaser (HD-27) issued the following statement:

“The Budget passed this week by the House Appropriations committees shows the commitment to creating an economy for hardworking Virginians, delivering a world-class education, protecting our freedoms, and keeping Virginia communities safe and healthy.

The House budget also underscores our steadfast support for students and educators by including $2.56 billion over the biennium for early childhood and K-12 education. These provisions and targeted policy initiatives tailored towards local school divisions, primarily aimed at enhancing salaries and implementing SOQ modifications, exemplify our commitment to fostering educational excellence.

Additionally, I am pleased with the inclusion of funding provisions earmarked for the establishment of the Loudoun County Recovery High School, a testament to our proactive approach to addressing critical community needs.

I am also pleased to share that my budget request connected to HB 102, increasing funding for court-appointed attorneys who defend our constitutional rights and serve indigent clients, received $17 million in the House Budget.

As we proceed with the budget negotiation process, I remain optimistic that we can reach a consensus that serves the best interests of all Virginians across the Commonwealth through collaborative efforts.”